On Marketing Books

Okay, the people are interesting in this picture of my booksigning for Boiled Peanuts, but it's the background that captures your attention. All those books! Granted, without anyone in the foreground (a reader), the books would be pointless. You remember the Twilight Zone episode with the solo super-short-sighted survivor smashing his spectacles. All books became instantly worthless. Taking up space is evidently not enough, some kind of interaction is needed to be non-pointless, which makes me nervous as I tap for hours alone in my study where I'm theoretically interacting with future readers. It's potentially comforting that in theory I'll have more point in the future. Even with his thick lenses intact, how many books could the Twilight Zone reader have consumed in his lifetime? Not enough to save the N.Y. Public Library from almost total worthlessness. I'm guessing your average author feels like the N.Y. Public Library. Over a million books a year are published in the U.S. Yours may be the most exquisite leaf in the woods but it's destined for compost unless it's noticed. It's dark down here on the forest floor and my Boiled Peanuts novel is already leaf litter turning to humus. I received my first print copy on June 15th. On June 24th one reviewer told me my book might be too "old" to review. Won't anyone save me from worthlessness and buy a book? Even better, read it and recommend it. That wasn't too begging, was it?

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