Praying Mantis

We lie together in the autumn sun
Our bellies on the radiant porch

Had I your stillness what a soul
Be mine

I am the penciled creature
And you the artist of supple grace

I cannot understand you
Yet we have lived the same silence.

Crabtree Falls

Dashing Blue Ridge Mountain's forest tangles
Crabtree Falls immensely slides and angles.

Where many sportive youth, lone cry appalling
Have broke with fragile life in falling
We pass red-berries bedding in the mossy walls
Down switchback trails beside the jagged falls.

Not far ahead, a spritely old pair
Are deliciously holding hands in the air
Their fingers of care, twining and veined
In a balancing arch, both needed and feigned.

I’d like to think we stay that rare in heart
As only in the end by force to part.